Application areas 

Exterior and body applications

Prepregs based on VESTALITE P 342 provide material-efficient composite solutions by local reinforcement of structural metal parts. Due to high adhesion and controlled reactivity of the resin, bonding and curing can be achieved in a combined fast process step without need for adhesive films.

The reactive adhesive VESTAMELT® increases the bonding of plastic resins on metal inserts. Therefore it saves weight and space in overmolded hybrid structures e.g. in front end carriers or floor panels.

Placing reinforcing fibers where needed and overmold it to the final shape: this is the idea of VESTAPE®, unidirectional fiber reinforced tautapes with a thermo-plastic matrix like PA or PEEK.

For autoclave, RTM or wet pressing, the high temperature and creep resistance of the rigid foam ROHACELL® is the troubleshooter for high-end fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) sandwich structures like roofs, engine hoods or battery housings.

In-mold foamed with homogeneous particle distribution, ROHACELL® Triple F offers ready to use complex 3D shaped sandwich cores. With a couple of additives, the performance of resins for FRP can be optimized for the individual requirements of the processes.

DICYANEX® micronized dicyandiamide, combines easy handling with high performance and long formulation latency for 1K epoxy applications.

VESTAMIN® enhance the mechanical properties of the composite and offers a high surface quality.

The nano structured silica in the NANOPOX® product family improves the toughness and fatigue behavior e.g. for FRP springs. NANOPOX® is a transparent and low viscosity additive for in-mold coatings and helps to realize class-A surfaces.

The rubber particles in ALBIPOX® are homogenously distributed in epoxy composites to improve the toughness.

VESTALITE P 312 is a non-tacky polyurethane- based resin intended for easy and automated prepreg compression molding processes. Resulting composite parts exhibit high toughness, as well as excellent surface qualities and light stability, which allows for reduced effort in painting and afterwork processes.

Clear coats based on VESTANAT® EP-M family combine the flexibility and ease-of- use of a PU coating with a glass-like hardness. This results in unprecedented scratch- and chemical resistance.

AEROSIL® hydrophobic fumed silica is used as an additive in a variety of coatings to optimize rheology during processing, as reinforcement of silicone elastomers and leads to excellent water-repelling properties and improved corrosion protection.

The Dynasylan® family offers a large variety of silanes, used for high performance coatings, metal treatment and resin systems. Usually known as adhesion promoters they act as a binding agent between organic resins and inorganic substrates.

To optimize the properties in various dimensions, the SURFYNOL®, ACEMATT®, AEROSIL®, and TEGO® additive lines offer solutions for adhesion promotion, corrosion resistance, foam control, pigment dispersion, substrate wetting or surface control.

As binder the unsaturated polyester resin DYNAPOL® for coil coating top coats assures high gloss and resistance against color fade out or dirt pick up.

Freedom in design combined with low weight and lifelong crystal clear appearance makes impact resistant ACRYLITE®/PLEXIGLAS® ideal for glazing for roofs, rear and side windows.

The water repellant Dynasylan® SIVO CLEAR ensures a clear view, even during strong downpours.

Outstanding low VOC and FOG values of PU Hot Melts can be achieved with DYNACOLL® polyesters. They are ideal for interior lamination and bonding of headlamps or windshields.

A low VOC content, high thermal stability and easy handling makes VESTOPLAST® the perfect raw material for hot melts used in interior bonding such as headliners, door panels, dashboards or for insulation felts and car carpets.

For superior adhesion properties on oily or degreased metals the POLYVEST® range contributes to a large variety of Body-in-White adhesives and sealants to be easily applied by robot or manually along car assembly.

High quality two-part PU adhesives for headlamps can be reached by the flexible and hydrophobic polymeric binder POLYVEST® HT.

Depending on the target substrates, the VISIOMER® product range offers the right monomers for acrylic based adhesives. Usually those kind of structural adhesives need no further surface preparation.

NOURYBOND® adhesion promoters are essential in automotive sealant, underbody and anti-chip primer formulations, providing unique rheological properties and improved adhesion to electro-deposition primers. Plasticizers like VESTINOL® are able to further enhance adhesion.