Application areas 

Under the hood and underbody applications

Under the hood, you find high temperatures, chemical aggressive fluids and gases, but the high performance polymers VESTAMID® HTplus PPA or VESTAKEEP® PEEK can stand it: As a silent running gear wheel, laser welded electronic housing or lubricant free swivel-joints.

Engine oils and transmission fluids formulated with DRIVON™ technology reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while ensuring wear protection and durability for critical powertrain components. The versatile Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs) bring advanced fluid technology to formulation of high-performance shock absorber and power steering fluids. They provide excellent low temperature properties and provide optimal viscosity across a wide range of temperatures.

In fuel lines, cooling lines for EVs or for transmission oil, monolayer or multilayer tubing with VESTAMID® are significantly lighter than metal, but still guarantee high mechanical, thermal and chemical performance. They are low extractable to avoid blockages in modern fuel injection systems.

Weight saving in the chassis, are a new field for composites, especially in the unsprung masses like rims or strut wheel mount modules. The BMI based resins COMPIMIDE® provide excellent mechanical properties, even at temperatures up to 250°C.

In-mold foamed structural PMI based ROHACELL® Triple F, with accurately placed metal inserts, makes it simple to create complex, ready-to-use 3D shaped cores that can be processed in RTM and wet pressing at elevated temperatures and pressures.

A very cost efficient method to produce FRP-profiles is the PulPress technology.
This Evonik-developed continuous process technology combines pultrusion and press processes with a ROHACELL® foam core to create lightweight and complex 3D components.

Lightweight FRP driveshafts get a higher fatigue with NANOPOX® nano structured silica added into the epoxy resin.

AEROXIDE® can improve safety, lifetime or capacity when used for separator, anode or cathode of LIB in EV’s.

Electronic components like ignition systems are encapsulated in epoxy resin with the toughener ALBIDUR® to improve the thermomechanical performance and to meet the high demands of harsh environments.

Electronic connectors reach higher temperature resistance if the basic thermoplastic material is equipped with the crosslinking agent TAICROS®.

ULTRASIL® silica and silanes like Si 69® and Si 363® are making today’s tires safe and environmentally friendly. So called Green Tires with Silica/Silane-technology have proven to have significantly lower rolling resistance, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption up to 8 % and thus lower CO2 emissions. Additionally, they also have better grip – particularly in wet conditions – which significantly shortens the breaking distance. POLYVEST® and VESTENAMER® further boost those properties and help to ease the processing.