There is always room for improvement

Life can be made easier with high performance products from Evonik

With chemistry, going above and beyond is always possible. For the automotive industry, Evonik can meet needs in all kind of applications. Whether it is rubber in tires, the performance plastics for fuel lines, the lubricants in transmissions, or the coatings on batteries and bodies, the performance, lifetime, and sustainability of the products are improved.

Automotive products from Evonik are:


AEROXIDE® Alu 65 is a fumed aluminum oxide used in lithium-ion batteries to improve safety.  The performance and lifetime of batteries are increased by dry coating the cathode's active material with a fumed aluminum oxide (AEROXIDE® Alu 130) or a fumed titanium dioxide (AEROXIDE® TiO2 P 25).

SIPERNAT® is a precipitated silica and creates pores in polyetylene separators for lead-acid batteries in cars.

The carbon-covered silicon Siridion® Black is used as additive for anodes in lithium-ion batteries to increase the LIB capacity by high stability and oxidation protection of the anode itself.

The TEGO® Surten E product family covers a wide range of process aids for the efficient mass-production of lithium-ion battery materials. Regardless if it is for dispersing, wetting, flexing or defoaming, the TEGO® Surten E process enablers can make the LIB-production process more efficient and the resulting cells more effective.

Ideal for electrical isolations of high-voltage power busbars is VESTAMID®, halogen-free protected over lifetime acc. UL94 VO, V2 or HB.

Up to 50% weight can be saved with VESTAMID® MLT cooling lines replacing metal or rubber solutions for battery cooling systems in hybrid or battery electric vehicles.



ACEMATT® matting agents are precipitated and thermal silica. The full spectrum of matting levels from semi-gloss to deep-matte can be reached.

AERODISP® is an aqueous dispersion for rheology control containing fumed silica AEROSIL®.

AEROSIL® are hydrophilic or hydrophobic fumed silica for rheology control in water-based and solvent-based coatings.

AIRASE® is an effective defoamer/deaerator for water-based coatings.

Coil coatings made with DYNAPOL® polyesters offer excellent adhesion to aluminum and steel substrates for pre-coated metal automotive parts.

DYNOL™ is a superwetter. It reduces static and dynamic surface tension in water-based coatings.

NANOCRYL® are nanocomposites and show highest performance in scratch and abrasion resistance without influencing the gloss nor transparency.

Nourybond® adhesion promoters are essential in automotive sealant, underbody and anti-chip primer formulations, providing unique rheological properties and improved adhesion to electro-deposition primers.

SILIKOPUR® is an air-drying waterborne silicone modified polyurethane emulsion. It shows high flexibility.

SILIKOTOP® is a high-solid silicone polyester hybrid resin for solvent-borne coatings. It provides excellent stone-chipping and impact resistance,  and good weather resistance.

SURFNOL® provides substrate wetting and defoaming properties for water-based coatings. 

TEGO® AddBond adhesion resins improve adhesion and flexibility of water- and solventborne coatings on metal and plastics.

TEGO® Airex improves defoaming and deaeration properties in water,- and solventborne coatings.

TEGO® Dispers is used for wetting and dispersing of pigments and fillers in water-based and solvent-based or high-solid/solvent-free coatings.

TEGO® Glide additives improve slip and anti-blocking properties. Siloxanes prevent cratering.

VESTAGON® protects powder coated rims, assembly parts and automotive trim from chemical attacks e.g. from acid rain and brake fluids. Furthermore, they  have to be UV and stone chip resistant.

VESTANAT® IPDI and VESTANAT® H12MDI provide an excellent surface feel for high-quality and light stable instrument panels.

VESTINOL® is  an INA (isononanol) based plasticizer with an excellent cost/performance ratio. VESTINOL® 9 is the most versatile plasticizer and can be used in thermoplastic- as well as in plastisol-processing of flexible PVC, e.g, for underbody.

VESTOSINT® powder coatings protect the surface of metals. Because of their low coefficient of sliding friction with glass, VESTOSINT® fine powders are used to coat rubber profiles to facilitate the opening and closing of windows.

VISIOMER® speciality methacrylates are used in multi-component adhesive and sealant formulations.

ZETASPERSE® is used for wetting and dispersing of pigments and fillers in water-based coatings.



Dicyanex® micronized dicyandiamide are used in 1K epoxy applications for crash stable, hem flange and vehicle structural adhesives. They combine easy handling with high performance and long formulation latency in body shop applications.

With its minimal creep behavior, the structural PMI based foam ROHACELL® can be used with all common composites curing methods. It is the perfect core for CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) sandwich designs ensuring stiffness with minimal added weight.

VESTALITE® S is a range of curing agents for high performance epoxy SMC applications, like automotive battery cases. Its unique properties enable cost-efficient design and process solutions for large scale automated manufacturing.

With epoxy-amine-systems based on VESTAMIN® the curing process of epoxy resins could be optimized for fast running production cycles and avoid the usage of styrene/anhydride technology.


Polyimide P84® NT and P84® UHT parts unite the outstanding properties of polyimide, such as high temperature stability up to 300°C, chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, a low coefficient of friction and minimal abrasion.

The surface of trims, panels and operational controls made with the microcrystalline TROGAMID® do withstand not only UV light, deep and high temperatures, but also contact to aggressive sweat, skin oil, suntan lotion and other cosmetics.

VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds are particularly suitable for applications meeting tribological and extremely high mechanical, thermal, and chemical requirements.

Withstanding extreme conditions like high temperatures, cold impacts as well as aggressive chemicals PA12 VESTAMID® is used for various housings or line systems, like for fuel-, air-, hydraulic- or vacuum brakes, clutch, cooling or air suspension systems.


Ancamide® 910 is a flexible polyamide curing agent for epoxy adhesives that offers better adhesion on dissimilar substrates. The unique combination of properties makes Ancamide®910 curing agent an attractive choice for formulators coping with the current and future challenges in lightweight and efficient electric vehicle production.

DYNACOLL® based reactive hot melts are well known for their versatile adhesion properties and high temperature resistance.

Coil coatings made with DYNAPOL® polyesters offer excellent adhesion to aluminum and steel substrates for pre-coated metal automotive parts.

The short chained polybutadiene POLYVEST® is a reactive plasticizer for adhesives, sealants, and acoustic damping.

POLYVEST® HT is a HTPB (hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene) used as a polymeric binder for high quality PU adhesives for automotive head lamps. lamps.

With VESTOPLAST® amorphous poly-alpha-olefins (APAO) Evonik offers a broad range of co- and terpolymers based on ethene, propene and 1-butene. It is used as a raw material for hot melt adhesives for bonding sun screens, dashboards, headliners and headlights, as well as for the production of preshaped carpets and mats. 

VESTOSINT® powder coatings protect the surface of metals. Because of their low coefficient of sliding friction with glass, VESTOSINT® fine powders are used to coat rubber profiles to facilitate the opening and closing of windows.



VISCOBASE® synthetic base fluids boost viscosity index and have excellent package solvency. VISCOBASE® products are used in a variety of automotive and industrial applications, including automotive e-Drive, rear axle and manual formulations, and general industrial gear and wind turbine gearbox lubricants.

The superior wax crystallization control of VISCOPLEX® pour point depressants (PPD) guarantees optimized oil flow behavior in cold climates, so whatever the weather vehicles and equipment can operate smoothly.

VISCOPLEX® viscosity index improvers (VII) feature polymers that contribute to higher viscosity at high temperatures and offer minimal viscosity contribution at lower temperatures. They are used to formulate multigrade engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, gear oils and other industrial lubricants.



Under our DABCO® brand, Evonik provide an extensive portfolio of different amine catalysts. Amine catalysts are highly important to the balance between the various reactions during the polyurethane foam formation.

With GORAPUR®  Evonik offers a technical and economical release agent solution for all industrial polyurethane applications and individual requirements.

TEGOSTAB® offers a large variety of low odor surfactants for use in all major PU applications (e.g. rigid, flexible slabstock, molded and high-density foams).

VESTANAT® H12MDI makes car wrapping foils chemical resistant against aggressive agents like acid rain, bird droppings, and gritting salt on the roads.



1,3-Butadiene is used either as a monomer for synthetic rubber (e.g. for use in tires) or other polymers and as an intermediate for the production of other chemicals.

COFILL® combines resorcinol with silica for safer handling and excellent adhesion of rubber to the fabric of steel cords in tires.

In COUPSIL® products, the silica is already pre-reacted with the silane. The application of the Silica/Silane-system is easier as no complex silanization reaction is required.

POLYVEST® ST improves the performance of silica-reinforced tire tread compounds in combination with suphur silanes like Si 69® or Si 266®. Its application significantly reduces rolling resistance.

The bifunctional, sulfur-containing organosilanes Si 69® and Si 363® are part of the Silica/Silane-system, which imparts better rolling resistance, wet traction and abrasion resistance in tires, thus improving driving safety, fuel consumption and tire lifetime.

ULTRASIL® precipitated silica is an active filler for all types of rubber compounds to enhance e.g. reinforcement, tear resistance and many other rubber properties. Beside mechanical rubber goods (MRG) and shoes soles the most important application is tire. ULTRASIL® grades in tire tread compounds reduce the rolling resistance by up to 35 % and thus save up to 8 % fuel and CO2 emissions. Additionally it improves the wet grip and thus significantly shortens the breaking distance.

VESTENAMER® improves compatibility, mixing, shaping, and product performance of rubber compounds. The world’s most versatile rubber additive can be used for manufacturing of tires, technical rubber goods or for efficient rubber recycling.



DRIVERON®, a MTBE  (methyl-tert, butyl ether) based anti-knocking agent, helps reduce emissions from vehicles. MTBE is mainly a component in gasoline enhancing octane properties. A minor use for high purity MTBE is as a process solvent for production of various products.

With Dynasylan® it is possible to crosslink mineral filled thermoplastic compounds such as halogen-free cable insulation to increase the thermostability and safety of automotive wiring harness

TAC and TAICROS® are used as crosslinking additives in peroxide or electron beam induced crosslinking to increase the chemical resistance in rubber or the thermal and chemical resistance in plastics.