Press release
October 13, 2014

Creating Moods with Ambient Lighting in the Automobile Industry

Colors and light affect how we feel. That is why auto makers are placing greater focus on interior lighting elements. For this, the industry needs special light-guiding materials.

Reading lamps, floor light strips, a bright instrument panel — there are already a number of elements that light up car interiors. But the role of lighting inside vehicles is changing. Whereas lighting has so far been mainly functional, as in floor lighting strips that make it easier to get into the car, ambient lighting is now gaining growing attention from car manufacturers. Color and light not only give a vehicle its characteristic and recognizable look, they also create moods and contribute to well-being. Car manufacturers are therefore stepping up their efforts to develop complex light scenarios that change depending on the driving situation. For instance, the light may be brighter when the driver gets into the car, and be dimmed during the drive. At night, the interior lights are blue, since this color is believed to help keep drivers alert.


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