Press release
February 25, 2013

PLEXIGLAS® at the Geneva Motor Show

Together with its cooperation partners, Rinspeed—Switzerland’s foundry of ideas—will be exhibiting the microMAX, a concept car powered by an electric engine. This innovative vehicle concept is supposed to combine private and public usage. One of the partners in creating this exceptional vehicle is Evonik Industries. The microMax’s glazing was made entirely from PLEXIGLAS®, which is 40 to 50% lighter than conventional glazing; this was, in addition to high transparency and unsurpassed weathering resistance, one of the more decisive arguments for the developers of the electric vehicle. You can find the microMAX at the Rinspeed Booth No 6240. The Automotive Industry Team of Evonik will be available on site, answering questions you may have about PLEXIGLAS® or about other innovative technologies of Evonik for the automobile industry.