Interior applications

Interior Applications

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To warrant a high durability of the car, lavishly decorated panels, consoles, and operational controls have to retain their appearance over the life of the vehicle. Sweat, skin oil, and cosmetics or sunlight, temperature swings or even cleaning agents can cause damage. Surfaces made of microcrystalline thermoplastic TROGAMID® are built tough for these requirements. They stand up to sunlight, heat, shock, not to mention cosmetics and other chemicals. 

The excellent transparency of ACRYLITE®/PLEXIGLAS® allows all kinds of coloration or perfect second surface decoration in center stacks or decorative trims and door panels. With an extraordinary haptic it’s ideal for tough pads and other control elements. For very high demands in scratch resistance the system solution CoverForm® is recommended. 

Spray skins include coatings for the dashboard and other plastic parts. In addition to high resistance, such components need to look and feel good, properties that VESTANAT® IPDI can noticeably improve. Hybridur® polymer dispersions provide excellent wetting and adhesion to a variety of substrates including wood and plastic to provide highly aesthetic, durable coatings.


ACRYLITE®/PLEXIGLAS® is the polymer with the highest possible transparency which makes it an ideal choice for a variety of lighting applications such as light guides for ambient or contour lighting. Including special beads, ACRYLITE®/PLEXIGLAS® Satinice df illuminates homogeneously wide areas by hiding the light source itself.


On average, passenger cars contain up to 30 kg of polyurethane foam, found in seats, headrests, armrests, carpet backings, sound deadening mats, steering wheels, roof linings and instrument panels. Evonik offers the broadest product portfolio of catalysts, surfactants, release agents and performance additives for all types of foamed and non-foamed polyurethane materials by combining market leading brands, including TEGOSTAB®, TEGOAMIN®, DABCO®, POLYCAT®, ORTEGOL® and GORAPUR®, to offer the most comprehensive package for product differentiation.


UD-tapes with a thermoplastic matrix called VESTAPE® can be over molded to reinforce thermoplastic structures e.g. in seats. 

The bonding of injection molded resins on metal inserts e.g. in cross car beams can be significantly increased with the VESTAMELT® adhesive.