Contacts by Application


Area of Competence


Adhesive systems Reactive sealants, polybutadiene based POLYVEST®

Dr. Andreas Berlineanu

Adhesive systems Methacrylate-, polyester-based DYNACOLL®

Gabriele Brenner

Adhesive systems Poly-olefin-based VESTOPLAST®

Dr. Andre Ebbers

Lightweight engine compartment parts High Performance Polymers VESTAMID®, VESTAKEEP®, VESTAMID® HTplus, VESTAMELT

Olivier Farges

Polyurethane foam additives for seats, headrests, headliner, instrument panels, sound absorption foams and foam backed carpets & textiles TEGOSTAB®, KOSMOS®, TEGOAMIN®, TEGOTRENN®, ORTEGOL®

Dr. Martin Glos

Coatings additives Scratch resistance, adhesion promoter, impact resistance, flexibility, haptic, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, hardness NANOCRYL®, NANOPOX®, NANOPOL®, ALBIDUR®, TEGO® AddBond, TEGO® VariPlus, SILIKPON®, SILIKOPHEN®, SILIKOPUR® 8080

Dr. Sascha Herrwerth

Anti-scratch, matting and rheology additives AEROSIL®

Dr. Sascha Herrwerth

Colored exterior trims and interior decoration / Lightweight polymer glazing PLEXIGLAS®

Uwe Löffler

Acrylics for coatings DEGALAN®

Andreas Olschewski

Epoxy matrix systems for composites Epoxy curing

Dr. Martina Ortelt

Liquid PU coatings Thermosetting & Powder Coatings VESTANAT®, VESTAGON®

André Raukamp

Oil additives for lubricants VISCOPLEX®

Michael Seemann

Coating additives Dispersants, defoamers, wetting agents, hydrophobing agents, glide and anti-blocking additives TEGO® Dispers, TEGO® Foamex, TEGO® Wet, TEGO® Airex, TEGO® Phobe, TEGO® Flow, TEGO® Glide, TEGO® Rad

Susanne Struck

Anti-scratch additives for interior plastics TEGOMER®, TEGOPREN®

Dr. Phillip Tomuschat

Rubber, reinforcement, conductivity, rheology, UV-protection, printing, coloristic ULTRASIL®, Si363®

Dr. Michael Viol

Silica and metal oxides for thermoplastics Rheology control, mechanical properties, matting effect, dielectric properties etc.

Dr. Reinhard Vormberg

Lightweight body panels Sandwich composites with structural core foam ROHACELL®

Axel Zajonz