SEPARION®, the ceramic high-performance separator membrane


We boost efficiency

SEPARION® is the novel flexible ceramic membrane developed by Evonik which has been proved to be a safe and reliable battery separator in large format lithium-ion cells. Matched to the active electrochemical cell components, LITARION® electrodes and customized electrolyte formulations, SEPARION® is the enabling technology for high performance lithium-ion battery systems for automotive applications and a key to success in full electric and hybrid vehicles. The characteristic features of the Evonik lithium ion technology comprise energy density, power capability, Lifetime and safety.

Evonik Litarion GmbH, an Evonik subsidiary, manufactures SEPARION® ceramic separator membranes as well as electrodes with the LITARION® trademark for large-scale, high-performance lithium-ion battery systems.

Li-Tec – a joint venture between Evonik Industries (50.1%) and Daimler AG (49.9%) – produces large-scale lithium-ion battery cells at the Kamenz Site in Saxony. The company uses the key chemical cell components provided by Evonik Litarion GmbH.