VISCOPLEX® Oil Additives


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Automotive Oil Additives

Additives based on polyalkyl methacrylate (PAMA), which Evonik RohMax manufactures and sells under the name VISCOPLEX®, enable better oil flow at low temperatures. In addition, they ensure adequate lubrication at high temperatures and help to reduce fuel consumption. This makes them an essential constituent of modern lubricants. VISCOPLEX® has the added virtue of lowering the operating temperature and dispersing soilants and soot, which greatly prolongs the service life of both lubricants and machines, as well as reducing oxidation and deposits.

VISCOPLEX® heralded the development of the first multigrade lubricants. To this day, Evonik RohMax remains a development partner for lubricant manufacturers and the industry, as the market and technology leader for high-quality viscosity index improvers and pour-point depressants. This enduring success is based on the company’s ability to combine technical benefits with low formulation costs.