Headlamps with PLEXIMID® TT70


We manage light

Headlamps give cars their characteristic “face”. But besides eye-catching design, the main function of automobile headlamps is to provide strong lighting. Modern Xenon and LED technology set the corresponding standards. Because cars are being built in increasingly innovative shapes, the light sources are often located close to the optical systems such as lenses and optical light guides, which means that temperatures of over 150 degrees Celsius may often be generated at those sites. The new PLEXIMID® TT70 grade takes this challenge in its stride. It gives headlamp lens manufacturers a material that can cope with the high heat loads and permits dynamic styling at the same time. The material is the key PLEXIMID®, a grade of polymethyl methacrylimide (PMMI), is a further development of PLEXIGLAS® (PMMA) and shows similarly high transparency and resistance to weathering and UV light as the familiar PMMA brand from Evonik.

Now there is a new grade, PLEXIMID® TT70. This new development is especially suitable for optical parts in automotive headlamps because of its significantly enhanced optical properties.