ROHACELL® - the rigid structural foam core


We save weight

Automotive Rohacell Foam

ROHACELL®  is a structural polymethacrylimide (PMI) foam that offers vast potential for lightweight construction, while providing mechanical strength and cost savings. Used as core material in combination with fiber-reinforced epoxy resin cover skins, the closed cell rigid foam is an ideal solution for composite sandwich construction.

The lightweight foam is a well-known material in the aviation & space industry and has long been used in high performance racing cars. As more and more composites make their way into automotive designs, this durable sandwich core material is now playing an increasingly important role in series production vehicles, too. Its popularity is no surprise since ROHACELL®  has the best ratio of weight to mechanical strength and the highest heat distortion resistance of all foam materials.

ROHACELL® is also the perfect material solution for use in new “PulPress™ Technology” from Evonik. This technology uniquely combines both pultrusion and press processes while maintaining high production speed, tight tolerances and excellent finished parts. These low density parts demonstrate excellent load carrying capacity during buckling and very high energy absorption capacity on impact. PulPress™ Technology offers OEMs and their suppliers a viable option for replacing metal structures with composites – without paying a high price tag.