We safe weight

Lightweight design is a continuing issue in the automotive industry to reduce fuel consumption in engine-powered automobiles or to extend the range in battery-powered automobiles. Small gains can make a big difference. Evonik offers lightweight high-performance plastics, even for extreme surroundings such as under the hood, in gearboxes, or in fuel and brake lines. But reduced weight is not the only thing Evonik’s composites products bring. An all-around improvement can be achieved with additional stiffness, toughness, surface quality, and better curing and processing for sandwich structures, PU-prepregs, epoxy SMC, or resins. 


Ancamine® portofilio covers a wide range of modified aliphatic and cycloaliphatic curing agents with varying pot-life, viscosity, cure speed, and chemical resistance

Dicyanex® micronized dicyandiamide are used in 1K epoxy applications for crash stable, hem flange and vehicle structural adhesives. They combine easy handling with high performance and long formulation latency in body shop applications.

With its minimal creep behavior, the structural PMI based foam ROHACELL® can be used with all common composites curing methods. It is the perfect core for CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) sandwich designs ensuring stiffness with minimal added weight.

VESTALITE® P is a PUR based matrix for prepregs with high mechanical properties and excellent surface aspect at long shelf life and ambient temperature.

VESTALITE® S is a range of curing agents for high performance epoxy SMC applications, like automotive battery cases. Its unique properties enable cost-efficient design and process solutions for large scale automated manufacturing.

With epoxy-amine-systems based on VESTAMIN® the curing process of epoxy resins could be optimized for fast running production cycles and avoid the usage of styrene/anhydride technology.

Under the hood

Polyimide P84® NT and P84® UHT parts unite the outstanding properties of polyimide, such as high temperature stability up to 300°C, chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, a low coefficient of friction and minimal abrasion.

The organic modified silioxanes of the TEGOMER® product family helps to improve the flowability and wetting of highly filled compounds, like e.g.,  polyamide compounds in under the hood applications, as well as the glossiness and scratch resistance of compounds, or high gloss PMMA or PC/ABS compounds used for auto interiors.

VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds are particularly suitable for applications meeting tribological and extremely high mechanical, thermal, and chemical requirements.

Withstanding extreme conditions like high temperatures, cold impacts as well as aggressive chemicals PA12 VESTAMID® is used for various housings or line systems, like for fuel-, air-, hydraulic- or vacuum brakes, clutch, cooling or air suspension systems.