Solutions from Evonik are usable for every color of car body imaginable: For the body in white special adhesives and sealants help to bond even oily metal components more durably while also eliminating vibration. A wide range of resin components and structural foams enable weight reduction with composites for black bodies, which together with the various additives for coatings, enables you to paint your car in any shade you choose.  


Curing agents

VESTALITE® S curing agent is a high performance solution for sheet molding compound (SMC) material with low VOC when combined with a liquid epoxy resin

DICYANEX® is designed for use as a latent curing agent for epoxy resins with the finest particle size for maximum reactivity

With epoxy-amine-systems based on VESTAMIN® the curing process of epoxy resins could be optimized for fast running production cycles and avoid the usage of styrene/anhydrid technology

For more information about Evonik composite products please our website: Composite Industry Team

Adhesives & Sealants


VESTOPLAST® based heavy coating compounds are used in preshaped car carpets to ensure an excellent dimensional stability after the pressing step

DYNACOLL® based reactive hotmelts are well known for their versatile adhesion properties and very high temperature resistance.

Other Specialities

The short chained polybutadien POLYVEST® is a reactive plasticizer for adhesives, sealants and accustical damping in assembling the body in white, even for oily surfaces.

The HTPB (Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene), which is being marketed under the trade name POLYVEST® HT by Evonik is well established as polymeric binder for high quality PU adhesives for automotive head lamps.

VISIOMER® specialty methacrylates are used in reactive 2 component adhesive and sealant formulations.


PUR Coatings

VESTAGON® provides UV, stone chip, acid rain and brake fluids resistance to automotive powder coatings

VESTANAT® EP-M grades are silanes for curing at elevated temperatures (>80°C).

VESTANAT® aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PUR resins and elastomers as well as cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for durable 1K and 2K PUR coatings

Matting Agents

The ACEMATT® product family offers treated and untreated precipitated and thermal silica as matting agents.


Nourybond® polyamide- and blocked isoyanate-based technologies improve adhesion of PVC and acrylic plastisols to primed metal surfaces

VESTINOL® is  a di-isononyl phtalate  and used as plasticizer for PVC undercoatings

Precoaters & Adhesion Promoters

For pre-coated automotive parts the coil coating DYNAPOL® offers very good adhesion to aluminium, steel and galvanized steel.

TEGO® AddBond adhesion resins improve adhesion and flexibility of water- and solventborne coatings on metal and plastics.

Defoamers & Deaerators

AIRASE® are effective defoamer/deaeroator for waterborne coatings.

SURFYNOL® products are defoaming and substrate wetting agents for waterborne coatings.

In water,- and solventborne coatings TEGO® Airex improves defoaming and deaeration properties.

Wetting & dispersing additives

DYNOL™ superwetter provide good substrate wetting, flow & leveling properties, and surface tension reduction in waterborne coatings.

TEGO® Dispers products are used for wetting and dispersing of pigments and fillers in water- and solventborne or high-solid/solvent-free coatings.

ZETASPERSE® products are pigment wetting and dispersing agents for waterborne coatings. 

Rheology agents

The fumed silica based rheology control additives AEROSIL® acts in water- or solventborne coatings as anti-settling, anti-sagging and corrosion resistance agents.

AERODISP® is an aqueous dispersion containing a certain percentage active material of a functionalized AEROSIL®.

Other Specialities

Ancamine® portofilio covers a wide range of modified aliphatic and cycloaliphatic curing agents with varying pot-life, viscosity, cure speed, and chemical resistance



VESTANAT® H12MDI makes car wrapping foils chemical resistant against aggressive agents like acid rain, bird droppings, and gritting salt on the roads.