When the steering wheel feels like leather without a single animal harmed, when the seat doesn’t feel too soft or too firm, but just comfortable, when the interior panels give a premium ambience and when the airstream from the A/C makes driving a pleasure, then Evonik with its products for the automotive industry has again achieved solutions that go beyond chemistry. 


Under our DABCO® brand, Evonik provides an extensive portfolio of different amine catalysts. Amine catalysts are highly important to the balance between the various reactions during the polyurethane foam formation.

With GORAPUR® Evonik offers a technically and economically perfect release agent solution for all industrial polyurethane applications and individual requirements.

TEGOSTAB® offers a large variety of differentlow odor surfactants for use in all major PU applications (e.g. rigid, flexible slabstock, molded and high-density foams).

The brands SILIKOPUR® and TEGO® Glide contain specific products to improve properties such as dirt pick up, anti-squeak and haptic for leather coatings. 

Adhesives & Sealants

DYNACOLL® based reactive hotmelts are well known for their versatile adhesion properties and very high temperature resistance.

VESTOPLAST® based heavy coating compounds are used in preshaped car carpets to ensure an excellent dimensional stability after the pressing step

Trims & panels

The surface of trims, panels and operational controls made with the microcrystalline TROGAMID® do withstand not only UV light, deep and high temperatures, but also contact to aggressive sweat, skin oil, suntan lotion and other cosmetics.

TEGO® Addbond adhesion resins, ACEMATT® matting agents and NANOCRYL® nanocomposites provide smooth, pleasant haptic properties and are resistant to abrasions or scratches.